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Dim Sum and Wokman



Welcome to the world of Chinese finger foods known as Dim Sum.
Last updated July 20,2002


What Are Dim Sums"?

What is a Chinese tea house? It is a Cantonese restaurant specializing in serving a particular kind of southern Chinese lunch which is called dim sum. Its literal translation is "dot heart." Poetically, it means "heart's delight"! And what an appropriate explanation, for dim sums are delicious tiny little bite-size Chinese finger foods of stuffed savory meat or sweet dumplings-either deep-fried, baked or steamed, and served with a variety of tasty, hot or spicy dips. Dim sum can also be braised, marinated meats in aromatic and succulent sauces. For more substantial offerings, you can have noodles in soups with different garnishes or the more familiar pan-fried-style chowmein with different meats and vegetables. Another perennial favorite isjoak, a thick rice soup usually served with a Chinese fried bread called Deep-Fried Devils.
Cooking and eating good food has always been one of the great pleasures of my life.This site is an extension of my other site WOK WITH ME.It is being being devoted soly to my favorite Dim Sum.I hope you enjoy it.The Wokman.

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